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Jasmina Peel-Off Mask with Ginger 15ml

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SAR 14.95
Omg, we have the perfect addition to your next sleepover. This peel-off mask is the true elixir of youth; with natural extracts that work to detoxify and smooth your skin to reveal a soft, blemish free canvas. Share this with your friends so that they can say, “OMG, so smooth!”
1. For Teenagers
2. Peel-Off Mask for Oily and Combination Skin
3. Purifying

All The Feels Smells Like an aromatic facial Feels Like a soft, smoothening sensation Makes Skin Feel completely rejuvenated Makes Skin Look sooo smoooth

Step 1 Apply a thin layer to clean and dry skin, avoiding eyes and lips.
Step 2 Wait 20-30 minutes until the mask dries completely (we recommend listening to some tunes).
Step 3 Gentle peel off the mask, starting from the outer edges.
Step 4 Rinse well, and reveal your blackhead free head.

Store below 25°C

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Jasmina Peel-Off Mask with Ginger 15ml