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Jasmina Daily Cleansing Gel with Charcoal 200ml

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SAR 44.85
Ugh, blackheads and oily skin are such a pain. Thankfully, this gentle cleanser contains the most powerful trio to transform your skin: activated charcoal, bilberry extract, and salicylic acid. These three ingredients work together to deeply cleanse your pores and reduce any excess oil and impurities. Let’s hear you say: yay, finally none!
1. For Teenagers
2. Cleansing Face Wash for Oily Skin and Blackheads
3. For Blackheads

All The Feels Smells Like squeaky clean bliss Feels Like a soft, gentle, cleansing sensation Makes Skin Feel balanced, soft, and super clean Makes Skin Look smooth and blackhead free

Step 1 Apply the cleanser to wet face
Step 2 Gently massage the cleanser in a circular motion
Step 3 Wash the cleanser off with water
Step 4 Reveal your fresh, clean skin! Use daily as needed

Store below 25°C

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You're reviewing:Jasmina Daily Cleansing Gel with Charcoal 200ml
Jasmina Daily Cleansing Gel with Charcoal 200ml