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Jasmina Face Scrub with Diamond 15ml

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SAR 19.55
Omg, this face cream works wonders for your skin. It contains two powerful ingredients -snail jelly and glycolic acid- that not just moisturize, but also gently clean and exfoliate the skin. While most face creams can promote pimples- this one does the opposite. It reduces pimples and acne and boosts skin freshness so that you can feel like a clean ocean!
1. For Teenagers
2. Face Scrub
3. brightening

All The Feels Smells Like a fresh garden Feels Like a gentle purifying sensation Makes Skin Feel like a clean ocean Makes Skin Look fresh, cleansed, and youthful

Step 1 Apply the product to fingertips.v Step 2 Gently massage product in circular motions around face, avoiding the eyes and lips.
Step 3 Rinse with water.
Step 4 Reveal clean, smooth skin! Apply once or twice a week.

Store below 25°C

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You're reviewing:Jasmina Face Scrub with Diamond 15ml
Jasmina Face Scrub with Diamond 15ml