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Jasmina Eye Contour Gel 3 In 1 15ml

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SAR 29.90
Are you starting to notice puffiness or dark circles under your eyes from studying too much? We admire your resilience, which is why we’ve created the perfect eye contour gel- fortified with hyaluronic acid- to smooth out any puffiness and brighten the skin under your eyes.
1. For Teenagers
2. Anti Dark Circles Gel
3. eye Contour

All The Feels Smells Like a fresh and awakening scent Feels Like a soothing sensation around the eyes Makes Skin Feel moisturized Makes Skin Look bright, awake, and ready to tackle the day

Step 1 Apply a small amount on fingertips.
Step 2 Gently pat the cream around the eyes.
Step 3 No need to rinse, it will be fully absorbed by the skin.
Step 4 Easy peasy! Reveal your bright, smooth under-eyes!

Store below 25°C

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You're reviewing:Jasmina Eye Contour Gel 3 In 1 15ml
Jasmina Eye Contour Gel 3 In 1 15ml