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YC Papaya W Black Seed Herbal Soap 100g

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SAR 12.08
YC papaya with black seed herbal soap is a combination of papaya herbal extract black seed oil. For double radiance action and elimination of impurities and dead cells. Reduce wrinkles and dark spots.

It is specially developed with papaya fruit extract and black seed oil. Helps to lighten the skin, peeling the outer skin layers, and removes spots caused by sunlight. Regenerates skin cells because it contains some essential vitamins. Suitable for all skin types. Suitable for daily use.

Wet it with water and rub between your hands until it lathers up. Apply directly to the skin, leave for three minutes then rinse thoroughly. Used twice daily. Suitable for face and body.

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You're reviewing:YC Papaya W Black Seed Herbal Soap 100g
YC Papaya W Black Seed Herbal Soap 100g