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Some By Mi Super Matcha Pore Care Starter Kit

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SAR 128.80
Korean Matcha
Korean herbal extract
Anti Sebum P™

A set of four products in trial sizes from the super matcha range to take care of multiple pore problems including black and white heads, enlarged pores, and get rid of dirt, make-up, and sebum deposits in them. Enhanced with the power of Korean matcha water and powder, natural exfoliating acids, mineral fizzy water, and natural skin-soothing and hydrating ingredients. The group also helps regulate oily secretions in the skin, tighten large pores, soothe, moisturize, and refresh the skin. Provides high soothing and moisturizing to the skin, and treats the problems of multiple pores, leaving the skin smooth and with tight pores.

Cleansing Gel: Apply an appropriate amount to the skin and massage it gently until foam forms, then wash it off using lukewarm water.
Clay mask: It is recommended to use it 1-2 twice a week, on clean and dry skin, spread an appropriate amount of the mask on the face skin and leave it for 10-20 minutes until it dries completely, then wash it off using lukewarm water and rub it in a circular motion.
Toner: After cleaning the skin, shake the bottle well until the powder is completely mixed, then use a cotton pad and spread the toner over the skin completely.
Serum: After using the toner, apply an appropriate amount of serum to the skin and then massage it gently until it is completely absorbed.

Toner 30ml
Serum 10ml
Clay mask 42g
Cleansing gel 42ml
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Some By Mi Super Matcha Pore Care Starter Kit