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Nyda Express Anti Lice Spray 50ml

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SAR 59.00

Dimeticone (92% high and low viscous), medium-chain triglycerides, jojoba wax, fragrances.

NYDA is your safest and fastest choice to eliminate lice and their eggs within 10 Minutes only.
- Starts effeccy within one minute.
- Safe for all children, does not contain any harmful chemicals ingrediants.
- High Germany Quality and Clinically proven.
- From the first use only and does not need to be repeated after weeks.
- It not only eliminates the lice but also it kills their eggs.
- Without odour as it is acceptable, desirable and not desturbuting for children.
- Safe on hair due to contains Hair-Care materials.
- The packe contains a special comb inside.
- Size: 50 ml "

1.Spray NYDA Express solution into dry hair.
2.Massage NYDA Express into hair and let it work in the hair for 10 Minutes.
3.After 10 Minutes comb the hair using lice comb.
4. Wash out with normal commercial shampoo.

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Nyda Express Anti Lice Spray 50ml