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Kaminomoto Mild Shampoo 200ml

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SAR 100.05
Kaminomoto Healthy Scalp Hair Shampoo Gentle shampoo enhances the effect of hair loss treatments provided by Kaminomoto. Enhances hair elasticity and prevents split ends. Kaminomoto Healthy Scalp Shampoo have premium ingredients that moisturize and enhance hair health. An outstanding user experience that produces strong, plump hair with a healthy, attractive look. Nature's ingredients for the best results. Effectiveness proven in medical studies.

An integrated formula that restores hair vitality and enhances the effect of anti-hair loss treatments from Kaminomoto. Contains propylene glycol that restores hair and scalp moisture. Kaminomoto Healthy Scalp Hair Shampoo contains gentle cleansers that clean the scalp from dirt and dirt. Kaminomoto Healthy Scalp Hair Shampoo contains Poly Quaternatum 10, which promotes hair suppleness and prevents frizz. Contains jojoba oil, which gives hair the hydration and softness.

Wash hair with warm water. An adequate amount of shampoo is taken and applied to the hair and massaged until foam occurs. Gently massage the foam onto the hair and scalp. Rinse the hair with an appropriate amount of water. Do not use large quantities of shampoo, so as not to wash away the natural moisture of the scalp and hair.
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Kaminomoto Mild Shampoo 200ml