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Dorco Pace 4- Four Blade Razor Shaving System

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Out of stock
SAR 10.75
Dorco Pace 4- Four Blade Razor Shaving System is the world's best blades which provide a great shaving solution. The advantages of this shaver are from second to none. This great feel razor is really on the cutting edge of wet shaving technology. This lubricating bar with chamomile, olive oil, and chamomile olentoin has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory capabilities to refresh the skin. Olive oil moisturizes and soothes sensitive skin, and allantoin helps keep skin soft, smooth, healthy and very open-flow 100% "rinse capacity" of hair follicles and shaving cream soap. The blades stay perfectly clean, which prevents wear for longer blade life. Head Anti-Nick Increase shaving precision along every corner of your face or body. Large soft rubber fins to prepare and protect the skin.

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