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BETER Tortoise Style Com 15.5 cm

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Out of stock
SAR 13.14
BETER Tortoise Style Com 15.5 cm The hair comb, an essential accessory for your hairstyles! A must-have fashion accessory for some or a mysterious object for others, the handmade hair comb is a centerpiece that helps tie hair up quickly and beautifully. Depending on its size, the handmade hair comb makes it possible to achieve very beautiful hairstyles or to easily fix a rebellious strand. Depending on its dimensions, the hair comb fixes a small or a large amount of hair. MC Davidian handmade hair combs are therefore available in different sizes, ranging from 4 to 16 teeth. Used alone or in combination, MC Davidian hair combs allow endless variations of hairstyles, from the most classic to the most fun!

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