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Avalon Vara Anti Lice Spray - 50 Ml

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Avalon Vara Anti Lice Spray - 50 Ml VARA spray is a revolutionary topical treatment for the eradication of head lice. It is very safe with a physical mechanism of action. It penetrates deep into the smallest breathing openings of lice, larvae, as well as the respiratory system of the egg and replacing the air and killing in three stages. Contains 92% v/v Dimethicone and jojoba wax. Free from the insecticides. with no resistant tendency. Not suitable for children lower than 2 years old. Product features: kills head lice and their eggs. Extended protection against reinfestation. It is a single application use. Effective, safe and gentle on hair. How to use VARA spray: Apply sufficient quantity of vara spray to the head of the scalp enough to all areas including behind the ears and on the nape of the neck. Leave for 8 hours to exert its effect on lice and eggs. Comb the hair using a personal fine-toothed comb to remove dead lice and their eggs. Rinse with water and then dry hair using another clean towel.

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You're reviewing:Avalon Vara Anti Lice Spray - 50 Ml
Avalon Vara Anti Lice Spray - 50 Ml