Vitarain Baby Powder Vitamin Shower Filter 315g

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Shower Filter for your hair and skin that filters the residues to reduce the harm on the hair and the skin , and give a fresh odour to the shower

Your daily Shower with a charming fragrance! For the people who want to take a healthy and fresh shower! This product is conducive to skin health because it removes chlorine residues in the water and provides vitamins when attached to the water outlet of the shower. It also provides aromatherapy with many scents for more freshness.

Detach the lower connecting part of the shower. Install a shower filter by turning it into the showerhead. Firmly fasten the shower hose to the assembled filter to prevent water leakage.

Long lasting: lasts from 40 to 45 days for a family of 4 people, for 10 minutes of showers daily. A Shower Filter removes 99.9% of residual chlorine in tap water so that you can use clean water for your skin and hair. Sediment, carbon, and UF membrane prevents rust, chemical substance, bacteria, etc. Antioxidant activity of vitamin C has anti-aging, whitening, nutrition supply that makes your skin become softer and healthier. The Baby Powder fragrance will give you a more enjoyable shower time
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