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Tece Hot Cold Head Bag

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SAR 49.74
packs are filled with a soft gel that conforms to the body during use for a flexible therapy pack

HOT USE TO HELP RELIEF Aches, Pain and itching Pre/Post Workout Swelling & Sprains Sinus discomfort Arthritis Sore muscles COLD USE TO HELP RELIEF Swelling & Sprains Toothache & Headache Aches, Pain & itching Pain after surgery Pre/Post Workout Arthritis Fever

Instructions for use
COOLING INSTRUCTIONS 1. Place gel compress in your freezer for at least 2 hours application to avoid frostbite. 2. Store in freezer for future cold therapy use. 3. Always checking the pack is on the correct temperature before applying. HEATING INSTRUCTIONS 1. Start with a room temperature pack. 2. Place the gel pack in the center of clean microwave turntable (not touching the (sides). Notes: Rotate 180 degrees halfway through heating time, and make sure that any additional microwave features are turned off, such as "browning" 3. Heat the gel pack in microwave for (30-40Sec) and you can reheating time if more heat required for (5-10Sec). high power setting on microwave. Remove and check for desired temperature. If additional heating is required, you may heat for additional 10 seconds intervals. 4. Watch gel pack while heating, as excessive heating may cause gel compress to rupture and leak. 5. Always checking the pack is on the correct temperature before applying.

CAUTION Individuals with circulatory problems should consult a physician before using this product. Do not apply excessive weight by sitting or leaning on gel compress to avoid any burst or leak. Do not use while sleeping. Do not apply to open wound. Do not use this product with any topical pain relievers or ointments. For external use only. The unattended use of a gel compress by children, elderly or an incapacitated person is dangerous. This product is non-toxic. If accidentally swallowed call your local Poison Control Center immediately. Should contents become exposed to skin or eyes, flood with water immediately and consult a physician. Discard if punctured or leaking. Check for leaks before use. If the gel pack begins to expand while heating in the microwave, stop heating and let pack cool. Keep out of reach of children.


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Tece Hot Cold Head Bag