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Rexona Deo Roll On Women Max Protection Confidence 50ml

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Out of stock
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When you feel confident, you do things you hadn’t thought you could. That confidence comes from knowing that no matter how hard you push yourself, you’ll stay comfortable.Rexona is your reliable partner in all sweaty situations. Whether it's heat, stress at work or sporting activities - Rexona makes sure you are always safe from unpleasant odors, for 48 hours.Everybody sweats. Some of us sweat more than others. Some of us sweat for no real reason, in fact. It's natural - we're all different. No matter your temperature or stress levels, sometimes a regular deodorant doesn't cut it. Heavy sweating can feel like a daily fight, but it's no match for our Maximum Protection Antiperspirant for women. It won't let you down. To combat heavy sweating and help you stay dry, Rexona has developed breakthrough Defense+ Technology that creates an anti sweat micro shield to protect you from sweat for 96 hours. Our clever sweat block antiperspirant is 3x stronger than basic antiperspirant, making it super-enduring. Specially formulated to provide clinical protection when you need it most - which is sometimes every day, we know. This maximum protection antiperspirant creates an unstoppable barrier against sweat for that shower clean feeling, no matter what. Feel unstoppable (and fresh) all day with this no sweat antiperspirant spray. In Rexona's antiperspirant roll-on format, just use daily to clean, dry underarms. Unlike basic antiperspirant, there's no need to reapply, even for heavy sweating.

The More You Move, The More It Works.•Maximum protection sweat block antiperspirant for women•Protect yourself against sweat and odour•48Hr Protection,It Won't Let You Down•Thanks to Rexona's breakthrough Defense+ Technology, this antiperspirant spray provides 96H unstoppable protection against sweat•A maximum strength antiperspirant for women with cutting edge anti sweat technology

Shake well, hold can 15 cm from the a-underarm and spray. For underarm use only.

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