Lovi Diamond Glass Bottle 250 ML
Lovi Diamond Glass Bottle 250 ML
Lovi Diamond Glass Bottle 250 ML

Lovi Diamond Glass Bottle 250 ML

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Baby Needs
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Lovi Diamond Glass Bottle 250 Mlthe Bottle Is Transparent Like Glass And Safe For Baby (Bpa Free) Of The Highest Quality Of Natural Materials. Highly Efficient And Break-Resistant. Provides A High Level Of Cleanliness And Maintains Food Temperature For A Long Time. Safe For Breastfeeding. Designed By Doctors And Tested.Help Develop Early Basic Training For The Child Made With A Health-Sensitive Skill To Avoid Affecting Children'S Health Made From Powerful Materials That Help With Intensive Use, A Safe Product For Use And Convenient For The Child, Do Not Force The Child To Make A Great Effort To Get Milk From It.
GTIN : 5903407742007
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