Baby Zone Powder Container
Baby Zone Powder Container
Baby Zone Powder Container

Baby Zone Powder Container

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Baby Zone Powder Container When A Baby Is Born, Their Skin Is At Its Most Delicate.
That’S Why We Perfected Our Formulas Over 125 Years So They’Re Now Even More Gentle For All.
Made With Purified Talc, Baby Zone Powder Absorbs Excess Moisture To Keep Your Baby’S Skin Comfortable, Dry And Feeling Healthy All Day Long.
With A Clean And Classic Fragrance, This Powder Glides Over The Skin And Leaves It Feeling Soft.
Baby Zone Powder Is A Clinically Proven Mildness Formula That Is Trusted By Millions Of Parents And Great For Kids And Adults Too. Baby Zone Care Products.
Trusted By Moms For Over 125 Years!
Clinically Proven Mildness Formula
Free From Dyes, Parabens, And Phthalates
Made With Purified Talc, Fully Evaluated By Scientific And Medical Experts
Helps Protect Baby Skin From Rubbing And Chaffing
Absorbs Moisture To Leave Skin Soft, Dry And Feeling Healthy
Hypoallergenic and Free From Dyes, Paraben
Pediatrician And Dermatologist-Tested
GTIN : 1005150083490
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