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Hellenia Epilation Wax Strips for Face 20 Pcs

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Hellenia Epilation Wax 20 Strips for Face + 4 Tissues (Aloe Vera)

Hellenia Strips long-lasting smoothing: Gives salon-smooth skin for up to 28 days in the comfort of your home.
EASY TO USE: Pre-coated wax strips - No heating, no mess and gives instantly exfoliated skin. removes short hair from Face.

Rub the double wax strip between your palms to warm the wax -Open the double strand slowly from the middle by separating one strand from the other -Apply the strip to clean, dry skin of the part you want to remove hair in the direction of hair growth. At the same time, press the tape in the same direction to make sure that the tape adheres to the skin well. -Using one hand, keep the skin area taut, and quickly pull the tape Using the other hand in the opposite direction of hair growth, parallel and close to the skin, so that hair removal is less painful. the tape can be reused several times, until it loses its viscosity, and then it is replaced with another tape. -After hair removal, use Helenia Soothing Wipes to remove any wax residue and moisturize the skin.

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Hellenia Epilation Wax Strips for Face 20 Pcs