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Gloup Zero Swallowing Gel 75 ml Raspberry Favour

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Out of stock
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Carrageenan (red seaweed), Maltodextrin, citric acid, xylitol

A lubricating oral gel for better swallowing, transportation and release of medication. For swallowing one or more tablets at a time. With a fresh Raspberry favour. Over 99% of the ingredients in Gloup zero are of natural origins. No bad aftertaste from your medicines. Does not interact with medicines. Free from gluten, allergens and sugar.

Gloup zero is best used straight from the fridge! First time? Try Gloup zero rst without taking any pills. That way you can get used to the taste and the gel rst. Put the pills and/or capsules together on a table spoon. Cover them with 5 ml (1/2 a spoonful) of Gloup zero from the tube, or as required. Put the spoon into your mouth and swallow everything in one go without chewing. After opening: store cool in the original closed packaging. Use Gloup zero within 2 months after opening. If you have to drink water with your medication (consult the patient information leaet), you should do so as usual. You can do that after you have taken your pills with Gloup zero.

Store at room temperature (below 25 °C)

75 ml bottle

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