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Ducray Melascreen Sun Spf 50+ Light Cream 40ml

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Melascreen UV is the 1st photoprotector from Ducray Laboratories that limits and reduces brown spots and protects against photo-aging. Triple-innovative formula: a new patented filter system, for maximum UVB and UVA protection a new active, RonaCare®AP, corrects brown spots and protects against cell damage with antioxidant action 100 times higher than vitamin E new pleasanttexture "dry touch"

Results: Improves evenness of skin tone: 93% satisfaction* Thanks to RonaCare®AP, cell damage is reduced: -87%** * Clinical study on 68 subjects with melasma or lentigo, product applied twice a day and before each sun exposure, for 29 days. % of satisfaction. ** In vitro test: % of cell damage inhibition for keratinocytes irradiated by UVA.

Apply to damp hair after using the shampoo. Leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Once or twice a week. Rinse in case of contact with eyes. Starting 18 years old.

Ducray Diaseptyl spray is an antiseptic spray especially designed to be used on superficial skin lesions, such as scrapes or insect bites. Using the antibacterial properties of chlorhexidine, a disinfectant and antiseptic that is effective against a broad range of microorganisms, this spray cleans the skin easily and instantly, without causing pain or further damage to the skin.

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You're reviewing:Ducray Melascreen Sun Spf 50+ Light Cream 40ml
Ducray Melascreen Sun Spf 50+ Light Cream 40ml