Cotton Plus Make Up Square Pads 80 Pcs Aloe Vera

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Patented cosmetic WATER ACTIVATED MAKE-UP REMOVER WIPES in pure cotton with a heart of 100% natural cleanser.

The caring alternative to wet wipes. Our wipes are dry, for this reason they are preservative free, they never dry out and they maintain their efficacy until when the consumer decide to activate with few drops of water. Cleanser is enriched with active ingredients which takes care of the skin and substitute the night cream. Also perfect to travel.

Instructions for use
Simply moisten Cotton Plus Solution 2in1 with a few drops of water to activate the cleanser enriched with active ingredients already present inside the wipe, leave a few seconds on the face/eyes area and proceed with the make-up removal as per usual. VERY IMPORTANT: do not squeeze the wipe after adding water or you will decrease the power. For the first time we suggest to wet your hand under the sink and tap the wipe so you easily understand that a very little quantity of water is needed.

The first and only cosmetic dry wipe, it activates simply adding few drops of water and with a single product, you remove the make-up, clean and moisturize the skin naturally! COTTON PLUS SOLUTION 2in1 has a heart of 100% natural cleanser, enriched with cosmetic active ingredients, which gets activate simply with water only when you need it. Clinically, opthalmologically, nickel tested.

Pre-cut dry cosmetic wipes with dimension approx. 5x5,5 cm. 80 pcs / bag.
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