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CCC MUR MICELLAR OILY SKIN 20 T Acne is one of the main problems affecting the skin, so good facial hygiene will help you avoid the appearance of pimples and combat excess sebum. If you tend to have oily skin, pay special attention to skin hygiene. Oily&Acne Skin Purifying Cleanser wipes from Comodynes are wipes for people who are prone to acne. They regulate and purify the skin in less than a minute without causing dryness; In its formulation we find willow extract, tea tree extract (great anti-inflammatory for the skin), salicylic acid and alcohol. 10% natural and biodegradable fibers. Perfect for removing impurities from your face and preventing the appearance of acne. Characteristics: In a gesture they provide complete facial hygiene (also suitable for removing make-up from the face). Specific formula for oily or acne skin. Does not dry the skin.comodynes is the best facial cleancer ever .
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