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Bourjois BOITE RONDE YEUX 2015 T01

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Out of stock
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Bourjois BOITE RONDE YEUX 2015 T01 Here’s the eye-conic shadow from Bourjois! Little Round has the softness and coverage of a cream for effective intensity in just one stroke, and the lightness and finesse of a powder for easy blending, second skin effect and… it lasts up to 12 hours! When you want an eyeshadow that can create a variety of make-up results – from discreet to dramatic – choose from Bourjois’ stunning range of Little Round Pots. It can be applied wet or dry for variable intensity: – Apply DRY for a subtle luminous everyday make-up look. – Apply WET (with moistened brush) to reveal the full intensity of the colour pigments for more dramatic eye look. In their smart and irresistible compact cases, the Little Round Pots from Bourjois are the most feminine and playful eyeshadows on the go. Moreover, they feature a built-in mirror for easy touch-ups anywhere, any time. Features: Dream cream texture Up to 12hrs hold With a special cream to powder formula that is easy to apply and blend Can be applied dry or wet, depending on the desired final effect Features a built-in mirror and applicator perfect for quick touch ups on the go Long-lasting, up to 12-hour hold Available in a palette of shades

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