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Biotitus Derma Ointment 20ml

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Cera (Beeswax) Olivae oleum (Olive Oil) Helianthi oleum (Sunflower Oil) Ricini oleum hydrogenate (Castor Oil) Bismuthi subgallas (Bismuth Subgallate) Gum Rosin (Colophony) Camphor

Stimulates the development of granulation tissue. Prevents wound infection. Special comfort for the patient. Favors the development of a good quality epithelium. It is not adherent to the wound (i.e. removal is easy and atraumatic). Easy to apply in the case of wounds found in difficult areas.

The ointment is applied on the whole wound in a 1-2 mm layer 2-3 tmes per day. A sterile dressing (gauze or nonwoven dressing) is applied on the ointmen.

Store at room temperature (below 25 °C)

20 ml ointment tube

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