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Bambi Value Extra Extra Large 4 X 21

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Bambi Value Extra Extra Large 4 X 21 Better fitting to the body shape of the child. Absorbs more liquid and prevents leakage. Soft cotton feel. Decorated with colors and graphics umbilical cord cutout to protect the baby's navel. A thinner nappy with high absorbency. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE/ HOW TO USE Lay your baby on a flat and soft surface. Remove the diaper by lifting the adhesive tabs, and then fold the adhesive strips back onto themselves. Using Bambi baby wipe, clean the genital area by wiping from front to back. Place a clean diaper under your baby. Secure the clean diaper by fastening the adhesive strips from the back of the diaper to the front pane. Finally, place your baby in a secure place so you can throw away the dirty diaper and wash your own hands.Bambi Diapers is the best baby diapers ever .

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Bambi Value Extra Extra Large 4 X 21