Avalon-Avomeb Ointment 30 gm

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Avalon-Avomeb Ointment 30 gm This product is used in the following indications: First degree burns which are burns that involve only the top layer of the skin and are mild in origin and usually heal rapidly (e.g. sunburn). Second degree burns which are superficial and deeper burns that may not require skin grafting (removal of skin from one area to the affected area) if properly treated with this medicine. Third degree burns (burns that affect deep layers of the skin sometimes reaching the tendons, bones and muscles), to reduce the painful skin area and to prepare it for nonsurgical debridement and grafting. To reduce pain in a donor site (skin area from which a shaving of your skin is taken to be grafted and used in your wounded skin area) and to control the risk of infection in that site enhancing skin recovery. Surgical wounds including obstetrical (due to childbirth and its related processes) wounds. Chronic wounds like diabetic foot, leg ulcers (sores) and bed ulcers. Procedures like chemical peeling, dermabrasion (exfoliating technique) and post laser resurfacing.
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