Saudi Innova Healthcare is a joint-stock company providing health-related services in the Saudi market since 1994 through three major healthcare sectors.

For over 24 years, with our extensive expertise supported by more than 700 professionals, Innova has excelled in healthcare, focusing on pharmaceutical activities, personal care requirements, and health services. We have established a strong reputation under the banners of Health House, Health Kingdom, Health Pearl, and Health Nectar, enabling us to expand our activities and establish numerous branches under the unified brand "Innova Pharmacies."

We would like to express our gratitude for your trust in Innova Healthcare over the past 24 years, during which we have delivered quality, comprehensive, and affordable healthcare in a comfortable and safe environment. We are committed to providing excellent medical services through our compassionate staff, as we strive to see you healthy and happy.

We look forward to delivering exceptional healthcare that you inspire and value, and we are eager to explore new opportunities to partner in promoting wellness and enhancing the quality of life for everyone.

"The Kingdom Vision 2030" will empower us to boost our performance and expand our capabilities towards a brighter, more vibrant and prosperous future as part of our transformation plan.

We continually strive for excellence in providing healthcare to individuals and welcome your suggestions to help us achieve this goal.

Innova Pharmacies: With over 200 pharmacies across Saudi Arabia, more than 400 pharmacists, a fully equipped warehouse, an efficient supply chain, and a portfolio of pharmaceutical and retail brands, Innova is now poised to expand its successful business model globally through franchising and to become the leading pharmacy in the Saudi market.
Distribution Company: Acts as a distributor for a large number of exclusive products, carrying more than 20 exclusive brands. We are positioned as one of the main distributors in KSA.
Poly Clinic: Provides specialized healthcare services to outpatients and emergency patients.

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Innova Pharmacy

  • Innova Pharmacy is one of the leading pharmacy chains in Saudi Arabia, with many branches spread across the kingdom.